Lito, a 5-year-old Hungarian dog won the world championship held on 10-15 May in Aubigny‑sur‑Nere, France, reports.

The world championship has three parts, and the dogs can earn 100 points in each category. Lito earned 98 points for obedience, 95 for tracking, and 97 for protection, and won the World Cup on Saturday, which qualified the pair to compete among the 20 best dogs the next day. On Saturday, Lito outdid his previous results by half a point and won the FMBB World Championship.

During the championship, the dogs and their owners have 5 minutes to complete the courses. Since all the dogs are highly trained and have very similar skills winning often depends on very small details. Even a command said with the wrong intonation can influence the outcome negatively.

Lito is from an illustrious bloodline belonging to the Malinois breed of Belgian Shepherds, and he has been with Arnold Kivágó, who is the dog’s owner as well as his trainer, since he was 8 weeks old. Lito’s training began when he was a puppy, with 5-10 minute practices a few times a day, followed by 3-4 days of training each week in protection and tracking.

135 dogs from 34 countries qualified for the prestigious competition, which is held in a different country each year.

Check out the video of Lito and Arnold Kivágó at the championship:

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