According to, Pope Francis was able to enjoy the amazing five-minute performance of a Hungarian break-dance formation called TOP4 at the Liana Orfei Circus’s special event at the end of December.

The members of the group, Rudolf Horváth, Zoltán Szabó, Ferenc Vígh and Dávid Szabó said that they could tell that the pope very much enjoyed the performance and was clapping, smiling the whole time.

The talented break dancers come from Győr. While they are members of different teams, they always get together for special performances. Even though the team is acknowledged countrywide, they told that the popularity of break dancing has decayed quite a lot in recent years. The Győr break-culture is looking for the next generation, who they can teach all the tricks. The boys welcome anyone interested with free trainings in public the József Attila Community Centre.

The Liana Orfei Circus frequently invites the Hungarian break dancers as guest stars for their events. This would be a great honour in itself, but they also got the chance to entertain Pope Francis on the 28th of December.

After the performance, the pope shook hands with the boys and blessed them, and even touched the wounded head of one of the break dancers.


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