Comment blog stumbled across a list containing the new TV-series that are about to air in the USA. According to this list, a successful Hungarian series, Aranyélet (Golden Life) will be streamed by HBO.

HBO started streaming Golden Life from the 1st of August, so our HBO-watching readers from the US might have seen the first episode already. According to, the first two seasons were picked up by HBO and are streamed on demand, on HBO GO and HBO NOW, with the original Hungarian dubs and English subtitles.


Comment blog writes that this is not the first time the ruling company bought content from HBO Europe, but this is joyful news for Hungary, as if the American critics pick up on it and take a liking to it. The best case scenario would be, of course, that they write a lot about it, so that might boost the Hungarian TV series producing scene, attracting media providers like Netflix to Hungary in search for original Hungarian content.

A Hungarian film production already got the attention of American film critics, hopefully Golden Life will too

The series follows the story of a Hungarian family, the Miklósi family, who make a living out of petty frauds,

and one will find several references to the Hungarian political and economic scene. The third season is about to air in October in Hungary, Forbes writes.

Golden Life has cashed in all of the prestigious professional awards in Hungary, but this is an entirely different honour for the producers. Anna Závorszky, one of the producers, told Forbes that they are humbled to invite American viewers on an adventurous journey, while

presenting the struggles of getting rich but still respecting the family values in Hungary today.

Have you seen the latest Hungarian success at Cannes?

The crew of Golden Life has always dreamed of reaching the shores of the USA, as Gabor Krigler, HBO’s creative producer revealed. “We have felt from the first episode that we managed to create such a quality content that would be appreciated abroad too. We have been daydreaming about getting the Miklósi family all the way to America, but having made it there just before the third season premieres got us by surprise”.

featured image: YouTube / HBOMagyarorszag


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