A terrible accident happened on Thursday afternoon in the Budaörsi Road’s S curve, in Budapest, where a fire engine hurrying to the scene of an accident turned over falling onto another vehicle and thus causing the death of its driver. Traffic was disrupted for hours until the rescue operations took place in the district, but by the time the medical assistance and the truck-crane arrived on the scene, the Hungarian man died, reports

The tragic accident costing the life of a Hungarian man on Thursday afternoon caused traffic disruption for several hours not only in the intersection of Nagyszőlős Street and Budaörsi Road, where the accident took place, but on the nearby access roads as well. The circumstances of the accident are still unclear and unexplained, but some people witnessing the tragedy reported that the Hungarian man involved in it did not drop dead, but was conscious and talked with a firefighter when they were waiting for the assistance of the ambulance.

/MTI Photo: Zoltán Mihádák /

The assistance, however, arrived too late. The truck-crane and the ambulance arrived on the spot at once, but by the time the fire engine was successfully lifted up from the Toyota vehicle, the man trapped under debris had suffocated.

According to the information of the paper, the victim of the accident was a 64-year-old man, called János. A firefighter commenting on the accident and requesting confidentiality said that the fire engine in question was inaugurated 10 years ago and

it departed from the fire headquarters located in Tas Vezér Street after being alerted to an accident where children were involved.

Therefore, it is possible that due to the state of heightened agitation, the fire engine went faster than the allowed speed limit. In addition to this, the physical clues left behind on the road are also indicative of the fact that the vehicle might have been destabilised by the left berm of the road.

Traffic disrpution due to the rescue operation
/MTI Photo: Zoltán Mihádák /

The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the Central Chief Prosecution Office of Investigation. As László Salamon, president of the Independent Trade Union of Professional Firefighters (HTFSZ), claims, these vehicles must be compliant with all the obligatory requirements for traffic safety and this fire engine is no exception to it.

If it is not a technical problem that stood behind the accident, then was it human negligence? Although the true concerning the cause of the accident will not raise the victim, it might give some condolences to his family, and we hope that it will be revealed very soon.

Featured image: MTI Photo by Zoltán Mihádák 


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