Hévíz, thermal bath, Hungary

The Hungarian city of Hévíz, a popular bath town among tourists, is competing for the 10th time in the European Best Destination competition, where guests can vote for their favourite destinations to win.

Turizmus Online reports that Hévíz has been selected into the top 20 best European destinations, competing for the title of European Best Destination. It is already a significant achievement that the Hungarian town is represented among the best 20, as on the list you will find other cities like Rome, Amsterdam, Athens, Milan, London, Prague, Vienna, Valencia, and Paris, just to name a few.

The winners of the competition are decided based on public voting; it is up to guests to vote for their favourites. This is the tenth time that the 20 most popular European destinations compete against each other to find out which is the one that made the best impression on guests. The goal of this prize is to promote European tourism and culture, with the help of over 300 partners in tourism and the EDEN network that was established by the European Committee.

The 20 towns and cities that are in competition are the following: Rome, Amsterdam, Sibiu, Athens, Colmar, Milan, London, Tbilisi, Prague, Vienna, Valencia, Paris, Kotor, Lugano, Faial, Fiume, Cascais, Brussels, and Krakow. The 20 best destinations will be represented with a short introduction on the European Best Destination webpage, which is the most popular site focusing on European tourism.

Budapest won the European Best Destination prize for 2019, so this year, Hungary has a chance to be a winner for the second time.

The creative director of European Best Destination, Maximilian Lejeune, argued that it is a privilege that Hévíz participates in this competition, which has been promoting cities such as Milan, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Budapest, London, Paris and Vienna for a decade now.

Hévíz was nominated since the organisers believe that Hévíz can offer the same, if not better, experience for their guests during their stay as any other European capital. Guests return home with a bag full of unforgettable memories. Top quality hotels, restaurants and cafés are available within a reasonable price range, making Hévíz an especially attractive destination in Hungary.

You can vote for Hévíz next year, between 15 January 2020 and 5 February 2020.

For more information, visit: https://www.europeanbestdestinations.com/destinations/heviz/

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Source: turizmusonline.hu

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