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In Villach, Austria, a barn had burst into flames for the second time within a short period of time, and an apartment also burnt down. These incidents became suspicious to the Austrian Police Department. Eventually, near this building, the policemen arrested a 43-year-old Hungarian woman.

The woman later turned out to be one of the members of a criminal gang consisting of three “witches”. The criminals robbed money by threatening and blackmailing old people. According to the news, they were able to obtain about 300 Million Ft (1 Million €) worth of money – Szeretlekmagyarország.hu wrote.

The method of the gang was to gain the old person’s trust as they were initially kind to them and offered to free them from bad luck and other curses. They deceived these old people to give them their money for occult rituals. They did not let slip those whom they bewitched. They offered their services again and again for more and more money. Those who did not want to pay, they threatened. Some old people had to take up large amounts of loan, and, even more unbelievably, in some cases, the criminals forced the elderly people to put the names of the gang members into their wills. The three women probably burned down the barn and the apartment building to threaten their victims, but this has, fortunately, put an end to their wrongdoings.

The house mafia in Budapest used similar methods to take the homes of innocent elderly people.

With this method, the “witches” were sometimes able to obtain 6,000 € a month, and on the account of the “grand witch”, the leader of the criminal gang, the Austrian Police Department confiscated 347,000 € in total. According to the Austrian newspaper, Heute, the leader of the gang was assumed to be an unemployed woman who had a mutual account with her unemployed husband.

According to the information on Index.hu, the three women are also accused of murdering a 72-year-old woman and, to be even more precise, the perpetrator might be the 43-year-old Hungarian witch, Margit. The woman was arrested when she attempted to burn down another house. She confessed to the policemen that she murdered the women, but only on the command of the voices she heard.

The Hungarian “witch” told the authorities that she had murdered the old lady because she realised that she was deceived by the criminal gang and that she wanted to change her will. Mariann, the perpetrator, also added that she did this because she followed the command of the voices she heard in her head. Mariann had a brain surgery previously, and she admitted to hearing voices since then.

All three “witches” are now imprisoned in Klagenfurt.

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Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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