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The legendary Hungarian Gundel Restaurant will provide all catering services in the new residency of Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán. The restaurant won the tender, and it will run a canteen-like establishment inside the castle.

As we have reported earlier, the historical Karmelita Monastery at Buda Castle became the new workplace for Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Orbán soon moves into his new luxurious office reports that Barbara Angelus, the prestigious restaurant’s Director of Marketing and Communications confirmed that Gundel did indeed win the tender, and it will provide all catering services in the castle.

She did not wish to provide any information regarding the financial aspects of this assignment. Gundel is a pretty exclusive restaurant, with its cheapest dish starting at 19 Euros. However, a government employee reached out to Hvg and claimed that the restaurant would be similar to any other regular canteen in the capital, and it will serve ordinary meals. Hvg also posted a photo of the menu which informs the public about how much it will really cost to eat where the Prime Minister eats.

One would think that a canteen is not really a canteen if an exclusive gourmet chef is in charge, and, as it turns out, it really is not. It is actually much cheaper than most canteens in the city.

According to the photo that was sent to Hvg, a daily menu (soup + a main dish) costs about 2.6 Euros at the Karmelita Canteen. This is extremely cheap compared to the regular prices of daily menus all around the city, which are, of course, not maintained by one of the most prestigious restaurants in the country. For comparison, there are many canteens in District II around Kolosy Square, and the cheapest of them costs 4 Euros.

Some think that it is good that such a prestigious restaurant is found in the castle, as the Prime Minister often welcomes delegations from all over the world, and it is nice to serve them food that is made by one of the most famous chefs in the country who works at one of the most well-known restaurants in Hungary, Hvg reports.

About Gundel

Zsolt Litauszki is the newly appointed Executive Chef of Gundel Restaurant. He has helped many other restaurants succeed in the past. He believes that Gundel Restaurant “can preserve its heritage whilst being innovative at the same time”.

The newly appointed Chef’s main aim was to create the menu which “keeps in mind the 120-year-old recipes and traditions while transforming those into the 21st-century tastes and trends, thus forming an evolution”.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the restaurant’s website.

Featured image: Viktor Orbán’s Facebook Page


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