writes that there will be seven long weekends in 2017 by the estimations of The final list of public holidays will be unraveled as soon as the order scheme of the Minister for National Economy becomes public.

It seems like work schedule will be different in 2017 compared to the previous years, as workers will be able to enjoy many three-day long weekends and, what’s probably even better, they won’t have to count with Saturday compulsory work.

Since next year’s public holidays are not official yet – the order of the Minister for National Economy hasn’t affirmed the exact dates yet – only published an informal public holiday calendar, but they think that it is almost 100% well estimated.

Public holidays and long weekends in 2017:

  • 1st of January falls on a Sunday, so the year won’t start with a long weekend
  • 15th of March falls on a Wednesday
  • 17th of April will be Easter Monday so the previous weekend is extended
  • 1st of May falls on a Monday, which means another three-day weekend
  • 5th of June will be Whit Monday, meaning another extended weekend
  • 20th of August falls on a Sunday so the celebration of the foundation of our state won’t be joined with a long weekend
  • 23rd of October falls on a Monday, extending another weekend
  • 1st of November falls on a Wednesday, so there will be a day of rest in the middle of the week
  • 25th and 26th of December fall on a Monday and Tuesday so Christmas will last for four days
  • 1st of January, 2018 falls on a Monday so that year will start with a long weekend


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