BL Budapest Intercity Hotel Building Plan Budapest

According to, DVM Group have entered into a contract with the German B&L group about the construction of a new hotel in Baross tér. The foreign developer entrusted DVM Group with the planning and full-scale execution of their first Hungarian project. With this large-scale offer, DVM Group has received one of its biggest commissions. The initial planning and preparation tasks have started in November, but the delivery of the building is expected to be in 2020.

Another already existing hotel in Budapest is among the best in Central Europe.

The hotel with 3 stars and ‘superior’ classification will be built in the very proximity of Keleti railway station, one of Budapest’s major traffic hubs. Several public transportation methods are available to reach the square in the vicinity of the city centre; 2 undergrounds have a station here (M2 and M4), and several trolley and conventional buses stop here.

The 312 roomed hotel with a joint building incorporating 45 apartments will be erected on the parcel on the Southern side of Baross square.

The gross floor area of the project is around 26,000 square meters. The operation of the hotel will be executed by the Intercity chain, which is in the interest of Steigenberger Group/ Deutsche Hospitality.

Tamás Sellyey, the operative and sales manager of DVM Group, said: “We are delighted that after several long negotiations, the high prestige German property developer designated us to execute their first Hungarian project.

This commission is another key point in the process of increasing the number of our projects we receive from the open market.

This task is a great opportunity for fully utilizing the collaboration of the branches of our businesses and to turn the synergy stemming from our complex services to the customer’s advantage.”

BL Budapest Intercity Hotel Building Plan Budapest

Thorsten Testorp, managing partner of B&L Group added: “The strong domestic references and their approach to both planning and executing supported our decision that DVM Group would be chosen as our local partner until the conveyance of the building.

Projects concerning hotels have their own characteristics, but DVM Group is qualified to meet these challenges.

This serves as a great basis for further joint developments in Budapest and the region.”

The B&L Group have proved themselves in the hotel industry of big German cities. Moreover, they developed several retail, office, and residential properties in their domestic market. During the company’s half-century existence – the family business seated in Hamburg – have conducted over 180 successful projects.

Joachim Maruczyk, the managing director of Intercity Hotel GmbH, is excited about the opening in Hungary; “Budapest is a renown city with astonishing opportunities. We are delighted that soon we can enrich this appealing metropolis with a centrally located modern hotel.”

This will follow the recent trend of luxury hotels opening up in Budapest.

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