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Visitors and users could vote for the best Central European hotel on the popular travel website Condé Nast Traveler. reports that not only the top hotel is a Hungarian one, but there are seven Hungarian hotels in the top 15.

Our frequent readers know by now that one of the world’s most popular touristic websites, Condé Nast Traveler puts together each year a list containing the best hotels in different regions. Hotels from Hungary and Budapest are featured every time – this year, Aria Hotel Budapest was chosen to be the best Central European hotel by users of the website.

Aria Hotel Budapest featured as the best Central European hotel two years ago in 2016, while last year it placed second.

Aside from Aria Hotel, there is one more hotel from Budapest in the top three, while seven other Hungarian hotels in the top fifteen.

A tastefully decorated room at Aria Hotel Budapest

Considering that these lists are ‘put together’ by users (430 thousand people voted this year), having a Hungarian hotel recognised on such a platform is both beneficial for Hungarian tourism and goes to show how good Hungarian hospitability is.

These are the top fifteen Central European hotels, featuring seven from Budapest:

  1. Aria Hotel Budapest 97.94 points
  2. Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge 97.77 points
  3. Hotel Bristol, Vienna 97.62 points
  4. Park Hyatt, Vienna 96.94 points
  5. Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest 96.43 points
  6. Corinthia Hotel Budapest 94.81 points
  7. Aria Hotel Prague 94.77 points
  8. InterContinental Budapest 93.57 points
  9. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest 93.53 points
  10. Hotel Sacher, Vienna 93.37 points
  11. Budapest Marriott Hotel 92.78 points
  12. Hotel Goldener Hirsch, Salzburg 89.29 points
  13. Hotel Imperial, Vienna 89.29 points
  14. Carlo IV, Prague 86.07 points
  15. Hilton Prague Old Town 83.74 points

Aria Hotel Budapest belongs to the Library Hotel Collection group, which is famous for having a different theme for each boutique hotel that they own. One of their other Aria Hotels, located in Prague, which employs a musical same just like Aria Hotel Budapest, placed 7th on the 2018 listing.



Another boutique hotel is about to open in Budapest, in the place of the historic arcade, Párisi Udvar

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