(MTI) – The Hungarian environmental organisation IKSZ has created the world’s largest mosaic made of drink cartons, using more than 3,500 milk and juice containers, on June 23 in Budapest.

IKSZ pointed out that the rate of the recycling of drink containers in Hungary is less than half of the EU average. The organisation wants to use this unique and spectacular event to call attention to the fact that milk and juice cartons can and should be collected and recycled.

A competition among primary school students was hosted to find the drawing that would become the basis of the artwork. Out of 220 submissions, a drawing entitled My Favourite Tree by the 9-year-old Bence Kiss was chosen as the winner.


The 55 square metre “rubbish artwork” aims to set a new Guinness World Record. The attempt could potentially create a new category among the records, since the artwork is the first of its kind in the world.

After being presented, the artwork is dissembled and the drink containers will be taken away to be recycled.


Photos: MTI, facebook.com/italoskarton

Copy editor: bm

Source: mti.hu

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