According to, the Parliament adopted the legislative amendments required for the introduction of e-card.

The new document – which will merge the ID card, residence card, tax card, social security card and the passport, and can be extended with discount cards for transport, and it also can function as a student card – will be introduced in an upward system this year.

The cornerstone of the amendment was adopted by 150 yes, 13 no votes and 30 abstentions, while the other paragraphs got 151 yes and 42 no votes.

The change lays down the scope of the data of the e-card. In addition, there will be the period of validity, date and place of issue and that which authority issued it and – in a non-readable form – the fact that the owner’s travel to abroad is limited.

The readable data store of the card – except the people of under12 and those who refuse the record – contains fingerprints and it is suitable for electronic administration, electronic signature, said.

Those who request the change of their valid cards up to 60 days before it expires, they have to pay a fee of HUF 1500.

The procedure is free of charges for people under12; for those who are younger than 18 years and don’t have any identity documents; for people aged 65 and request identity card without deadline; for those who are subject of prohibition of travelling abroad; as well as for those whose cards must be replaced because of the failure of the storage unit. In other cases, charge is HUF 5000.

Janos Lazar, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office has set the target earlier in respect of the e-card that one can arrange everything with one document.

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