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Admire the works of Picasso in West Hungary

Admire the works of Picasso in West Hungary

There is an exhibition introducing Pablo Picasso’s works in the Esterházy Castle, Pápa, as writes. Visitors can admire more than a hundred graphics and book illustrations.

Short introduction

After presenting Dalí last year, it is Picasso‘s turn now. The exhibition reflects on the less known parts of his bibliography. His illustrations for Jean Cocteau’s works and Tristan Tzara’s, a poet of Dadaism, poems are shown. Visitors can also take a look at the works made for Picasso’s own volume: Toros y Toreros. The owner of the products is Thomas Emmerling, an art collector from Nürnberg. He believes that Picasso’s works are sometimes abstract, sometimes cubistic, occasionally lyrical, but they all depict cynicism, that is characteristic of him.


You can take a look at one of the most contradictional works of the 20th century. The exhibition also presents the usually tragic lives lovers who influenced Picasso. Additionally, short films depict the master working. Picasso dealt with the Morisco calligraphy traditions of his closer home, Andalusia. After World War II, he created a book illustrating as a genre; this is what the exhibition introduces. He is one of the most productive artists because there are more than fifty thousand works of his. The pieces of the Thomas Emmerling collection were shown in Poland, Luxembourg, and Romania in the previous years. The Que viva Picasso (Long live Picasso) exhibition is open until the 31st of October 2018.

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Pápa kastély Esterházy castle


About Pápa

Pápa lies in Veszprém county, about 160 kilometres away from Budapest. This little, lovely town is famous for its baroque architecture. Previously, we have already written about the charming Pápa and what to do there. This includes visiting the Esterházy Castle, the Blue Print Museum, the baroque style Main Square, and Castle Garden. If you like thermal water, you should definitely visit the Thermal Bath here, and if you love sweets, do not miss the Ricsi Confectionary. Also, the Bakony Hills is near, so you can take a walk or hike on the trails. Furthermore, there is also a Blazon and Armour Museum, the Mill Fishing Pond, and a rich variety of churches of different religions. The closest big city is Veszprém, that is the county seat of Veszprém County.

Pápa Esterházi-kastély castle


Featured image: Wiki Commons By Paolo Monti


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