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The appearance of the African swine fever in Germany can result in severe problems both in the European and the Hungarian meat industry. China already banned German pork products which means that they are going to flood the European markets, causing a significant decrease in the prices and long-lasting headache for most of the farmers.

According to Magyar Nemzet, the African swine fever is harmless on humans, but it is already present in wild boars in Germany. That fact was enough for China to ban all German meat products from its markets. China is one of the most important markets of the pork products since

swine fever killed masses in the country, and authorities did that, as well, to contain its spread.

Tamás Éder, president of the Hungarian Meat Association, confirmed that the German pork products stuck in Europe might cause severe problems for the sector in Hungary, as well. The German prices already started to fall, which can cause a similar effect in Hungary, too, he added.



On the market of the European Union, pork meat products will be cheap since they will appear in large quantities. However, those countries, that can export their meat products to China can take advantage of the current situation. 

Therefore, Mr Éder added that retailers should not buy cheap German products but should choose the Hungarian ones like before to avoid the collapse of the sector. The biggest trade union of the European farmers, the Copa-Cogeca, said in its statement that all stakeholders in the industry should remain calm. They highlighted that thanks to the strict European regulations and the quick reaction of the German authorities,

there is a real chance that the further spread of the African swine fever can be stopped.

They reminded that the German authorities found infected wild boars near the Polish border, in Brandenburg, but there are not too many pig farms in the region. Thus, the organisation asks all market players to take into consideration all measures authorities introduced to stop the spread of the virus.

Between January and May, the Hungarian meat of swine export volume decreased by 19 pc to 12 thousand tonnes compared to the quantity sold abroad in 2019. Hungarian companies export most of the meat to Romania, Croatia and Italy. György Vámos, general secretary of the Hungarian Trade Associations, said before that German meat products could appear in the Hungarian market but 

retailer chains have long term contracts so they would not have that massive effect on the sector.

Source: Magyar Nemzet

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