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Minister of Agriculture István Nagy discussed agricultural development opportunities, the effects of climate change, water management and opportunities for cooperation in education and research with his Vietnamese counterpart in Vietnam, the ministry said on Thursday.

Nagy and Nguyen Xuan Cuong on Thursday morning inaugurated Hungarian poultry company Master Good’s new poultry processing plant in northern Vietnam’s Thanh Hoa province, the ministry said in a statement.

Altogether 60 percent of the equipment in the 12 million euro plant was supplied by Hungarian machine makers and tech companies, the ministry said. The plant is expected to process 20 million birds in the first year and 40 million every year afterwards, it added.

Nagy called the partnership with Vietnam a “major recognition” of Hungarian companies which he said favoured innovation and the latest agricultural technologies in their operations.

Creating a 21st-century, competitive agricultural sector is “inconceivable without international cooperation”, the minister was quoted as saying.

Nagy also highlighted increased exports to Vietnam in recent years.

Source: MTI

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