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The aim of the AHU Health Centers Project, conducted by the African-Hungarian Union and the Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center, is to build medical centers in Africa, and create a sustainable medical infrastructure in those countries where the access to medical care is hindered. The African-Hungarian Union informed everyone of the progress they are making. 

The project has been already started, and as a first step, a medical center is being built in Uganda. The African-Hungarian Union has already sent three medical missions to Uganda to improve the situation in the country, and the city of Kapeke (located 85 km from the capital of Uganda) was chosen to have the first medical centre. The project was established after careful examination by the organizations, using their immense experience and extensive political connections.

There are 10 doctors for 1 million people in the Uganda region where the project is taking place, they lack trained professionals, there’s no sufficient institutional background, and doctors do not have access to the needed equipment. Citizens mostly have to pay for medical care, and children and pregnant women form the most vulnerable groups.

The first phase of the project started when the foundation stone of the medical center was laid on 16 July 2016. The whole project is financed by the funds the African-Hungarian Union receives.

Technical data
Basic area: ~700m2

Ground floor:

  • examination room  –  4 rooms
  • infirmary  –  2 rooms
  • pharmacy
  • plumbing unit
  • stock-room

First floor:

  • doctor’s guestroom  –  4 rooms
  • nurse’s office  –  2 rooms
  • chief physician’s room
  • conference room
  • plumbing unit
  • stock-room

Help the building of a medical center! Buy a brick ticket (there’s no minimum pay, a few thousand HUF is already a big help) by transferring money to the following account:

African-Hungarian Union – Donation (Magyar Afrika Társaság – Adomány)

Bank account: CIB Bank 10700378-44706104-52000001

Watch this lovely video about the region and its people:

Video source: AHU/

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