This was the 14th successful medical mission of the African-Hungarian Union (AHU) which aimed to heal patients in different countries of the Black Continent. According to, the 14th team was the first to execute more than 40 serious operations.

The mission lasted for two weeks and its participants – Prof. Dr Imre Gerlinger, Prof. Dr Gábor Katona, Dr Judit Bodnár, Illés Balogh, Dr edina Pálinkás – arrived back home Wednesday morning.

During the mission, the voluntary team of doctors primarily executed ear operations and other head-neck surgical interventions to help the only otorhinolaryngologist of the Southeast African country. Besides their practice, the Hungarian doctors also trained their Malawi colleague in an informal way.


The 10-years-old African-Hungarian Union is now the biggest civil organisation in Middle Europe to be occupied with international relief and development. Their flagships are primarily the missions and programmes coordinated to give medical and humanitarian assistance with the main goal of healing and the moderation of the critical lack of medical workers in the developing countries. They have attended to more than 40 thousand patients so far. The 43 successful operations and the assurance of the necessary medications are now added to this number.

The Hungarian marketer of an international company specialised in the solving of hearing problems supported the mission financially and with more than 200 hearing aids.


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