reports that Hungarian Tourism Agency has launched a new campaign to promote the lesser known Hungarian sights. The aim is also to encourage people to travel more in Hungary, to get to know the country better.

The campaign aims to present and advertise the areas in Hungary that are less known but still have some cultural, architectural, or natural values worth seeing. It started off with three destinations and expanded from there: the pile dwellings at Lake Fertő, Hegyestű near Lake Balaton, and the salt hill of Egerszalók. One of the new destinations they have included is the Lake Cave of Tapolca.

View of Hegyestű

Zoltán Guller, chief executive of the Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA), stated that it is important to convince people that Hungary too has a lot to offer tourism-wise, just like Austria, Croatia, or the Aegean Sea, for example. The campaign lasts until the end of August, and the HTA expects an increase of interest in Hungary, mostly by Hungarians. The target audience are Hungarians, who’d rather spend their holidays abroad than exploring their home country.

Hungarians usually spend their holidays abroad, in the countries listed here [click]

The results of a survey conducted by the HTA, it turns out that Hungarian families would spend more time at their chosen holiday destinations, if the less known areas would be advertised more, or if the services were better and reasonably priced. Another important thing that families take into consideration are the possibilities of a festival or cultural event in the area, or organised trips.

Although available only in Hungarian, the project has a website to promote it, where you can check out these sights in 360 degrees ( but the project leaders are also advertising it on social media. The campaign will be represented at VOLT Festival, at Balaton Sound and at Sziget Festival as well, where mobile applications will be made available for those interested so that they can get a glimpse into what the regions have to offer via digital tours.


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