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Forty nine percent of people in central Europe are dissatisfied with European Union leaders whereas a majority, 73 percent, want their country to remain member of the community, a representative survey released by the Nézőpont research institute on Saturday shows. 

The institute asked 1,000 voting age adults in each of 11 countries in the region, including Hungary, between September 26 and October 27.

The survey shows that most dissatisfied with Brussels are the Slovaks (71 percent), the Czechs (69 percent) and the Germans (58 percent), followed by the Hungarians (57 percent).

Most satisfied are the Romanians (58 percent), the Slovenians and the Poles (49 percent both).

A vast majority of the Austrians (86 percent) and the Poles (84 percent) are in favour of EU membership, with the respective rate being 71 percent among Hungarians.

Merely 14 percent of Hungarians believe that their country should quit the alliance.

In comparison, 31 percent of the Czechs, 25 percent of the Croatians and 23 percent of the Germans and Austrians, respectively, think the same.

Fully 53 percent of all respondents are pessimistic about the overall direction of developments in the bloc, and merely 40 percent are satisfied with it, the survey shows.

Most pessimistic in this regard are the Slovaks (69 percent) and the Hungarians (68 percent), followed by the Czechs (64 percent).

As we wrote few days ago, the GKI Economy Research Inc. recently published an analysis about the purchasing power – an essential segment of quality of life – of Hungarian settlements between 2009 and 2016, and it turned out that the advantage of more abundant regions is continuously growing, while the poor still lag behind. Read more HERE.

Also we wrote before, judging by common talk or comments, it may seem that Hungary is the country of everyday slaps. The phenomenon can be measured in numbers, and UNICEF’s newest results depict a somewhat exasperating picture: many people are not fully aware of that children cannot be slapped or spanked, even if the situation seems to justify it. Read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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