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A spectacular video has been uncovered, giving an insight into what transportation was like in the Hungarian capital 46 years ago. It might not seem like a long time ago, but if you look at the video, you will be amazed how different life was back then, compared to the modern days.

In the video, you can see what the main routes of transportation were at the time. Amazingly, the capital had to deal with 5 million passengers already back then (counting multiple trips per person), inspiring the video below, reports Magyarorszagom.

The film was directed by Péter Róna and István György Kiss for the newsreel at the time. It was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the joining of Buda and Pest.

In the video, metro lines are determined to be the base of the city’s public transport. Tram lines, buses, and trains in the suburban areas served as connections to them.

The video mentions some of the plans they had for the city at the time. Amazingly, the 46-year-old video already mentions a fourth metro line. However, we all know that the latest metro line was not completed in the ’70s (or, in fact, before the end of the last millennium), making the video even more of a gem. There are also other plans included that people at the time had high hopes for, but that still have not been realised to this day.

history, metro, budapest
Széll Kálmán Square (then called Moscow Square), metro line M2

The video also offers a fascinating trip down memory lane. For instance, you can see clips of metro line M2, which was fully built and operational at the time of the video. On the other hand, metro line M3 was far away from being completed; only the first section of it was under construction at the time. 46 years later, it is being renovated again. Metro line M1 also appears with spectacular images.








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