According to, there is a very talented team in Pécs who reconstruct medieval Hungarian castles, churches, monasteries and even whole districts – on screen. You can travel back in time with Pazirik’s unbelievably cool videos and visit the historic Pécs, be part of the battle of Drégely, visit the child Rákóczi at Regéc or get a look inside the abbey of Zirc. They show us why the palisade castles fell so easily during the Tartar invasion and why the Ottomans had a hard time at Szigetvár.

Cistercian Abbey of Zirc

abbey of zirc

Palisade castles during the Tartar invasion – Ikervár (meaning Twin castle), one of the oldest habitations of Vas County

palisade castle

Castle of Drégely

drégely vára

Pécs in the Ottoman era

Pécs in the ottoman era

Castle of Szigetvár

Szigetvár castle

Castle of Regéc

castle of regéc

Castle of Szigliget

Castle of Szigliget

Castle of Esztergom in the 11th century

Castle of Esztergom

Castle of Simontornya

Castle of Simontornya

Castle of Tata

Castle of Tata

Medieval Szeged

medieval Szeged

Virtual Castle tours trailer

For more fantastic reconstructions check out Pazirik’s official website!


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