An amazing time-lapse video was made about the demolition of Pécs’s tall building with a very simple technique, reports Index.

The building that had 250 flats and was 80 metres high was functional between 1976 and 1989, then became dangerous, so everyone had to move out. It was the tallest ghost-house in Central-Europe for decades.

The student Csaba Imre made a cool video about this year’s demolition. The second best thing is that most of these kind of videos show the building-up of something, while this is about the demolition of something. It would be enough to play it backwards to make it look like the building of a high-rise building.

The very best thing is that he used a very simple technique: he took photos from 15 locations, but not in a way that he put a camera in every location and set the automate to take pictures, no. He walked through every place. By the time he got ready he had walked 650 kilometres. It is said that his shoes were ruined in the process, just like the shoes of a fairy-tale hero.

Details about the difficulties of making the video can be read here. One of the location was especially hard, because it was a moving spot.


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Source: Index

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