writes that the Slovakian customs officers were checking cars close to the Medve – Vámosszabadi border crossing point when, not too long after midnight, they decided to start following four cars going very closely and then, stopped them at Nagymegyer. writes that out of the four cars three were Hungarian.

“Three of the drivers stopped at the call and it turned out that they were probably delivering illegal immigrants” said Patricia Macikova, the spokesperson of the Slovakian Customs Police. However, the driver of the fourth car didn’t stop but tried to escape while almost running over three customs officers taking action.

They then tried to stop him with warning shots, but since the driver didn’t react, one of the customs officers continued shooting. The car was stopped by a police patrol 400 metres away. The car was shot in a few places and it turned out that one of the shots injured one of the passengers, so they had to call the ambulance.

The injured person was a 26-year-old Syrian woman, who got shot in her back. She was taken to the hospital in Dunaszerdahely, where she was operated and the bullet was removed from her back. The hospital’s spokesperson affirmed that the woman’s condition was stable and that they also supplied other immigrants who were dehydrated.

The passengers of the four cars were passed over to the internal affair section responsible for illegal immigration. The Új Szó of Bratislava reminds us that the number of immigrants crossing the Hungarian-Slovakian border increased after Austria clamped down on border control from Hungary, which means that human traffickers try to detour in the way of Slovakia or Czechia, and their aim is usually Germany.

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