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The items sold amount to over 240,000 Euros. There was a full house at the auction, and almost everything got sold. Vajna’s films relics were the most popular items, but the Munkácsy piece went for the highest price (83,000 Euros).

As Daily News Hungary also reported earlier, Andy Vajna’s widow, Tímea Vajna announced that a fascinating collection of the Hungarian-born media mogul’s personal belongings would be auctioned off this December. The auction took place at Nagyházi Gallery and Auction House on 7 December. It took three and a half hours to sell almost everything from the collection, amounting to 80 million Forints (around 241,000 Euros). Out of the 253 items, only ten did not get sold, as Forbes reports.

People showed much interest in the collection, which included photographs signed by Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, furniture, posters, movie relics and ornaments.

Perhaps two of the most notable items were an original Munkácsy artwork and a Bentley Cabrio. Some would say these items were sold for surprisingly “low” prices. The estimated worth of the Munkácsy piece was around 28 million Forints (appr. 83,000 Euros), and it got sold for 84,500 Euros without any actual bidding. The bid for Vajna’s Bentley Cabrio started at 10 million Forints, and it was finally sold for 15 million Forints (45,000 Euros).

The starting price for three original knives that were used in the famous Rambo movies was 20 million Forints (60,000 Euros). The blades were sold, but their online bidder eventually backed down.

Auction of the year The Andy Vajna Collection!
Budapest, Hungary. Auction of the year The Andy Vajna Collection! Photo: MTI

The most popular items were definitely the film relics: movie posters, personal photos and letters, movie scripts and props. These items made up two-thirds of the 253 articles and were sold for a total amount of 40,000 Euros.

These movie relics were smaller items with relatively low starting prices that got rapidly high. For example, the bidding for an original poster of the movie titled A miniszter félrelép (1997) started from 60 Euros, and it was sold for over 1,145 Euros, and a sheet of music started from 150 Euros, and it was sold for over 3,300 Euros.

Andy Vajna
Photo: MTI/Illyés Tibor

The Hungarian film producer and media mogul’s heritage is approximately 67 billion Hungarian Forints (204 million Euros) which he made from his work in the film industry and the many businesses he owned. He was the 18th richest Hungarian on Forbes’s list. He owned several television stations, radio channels, gambling institutions, commercials, estates and restaurants as well.

Source:; Daily News Hungary

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