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The Hungarian film producer and media mogul’s heritage is approximately 67 billion Hungarian Forints (204 million Euros) which he made from his work in the film industry and businesses concerning casinos, restaurants and estates. What will happen to his heritage and what role his widowed wife and Vajna company will have in the future?

Index reported that Andy Vajna had a lot of owned companies, and it is not surprising that Forbes magazine chose him the 18th richest Hungarian. He owned several television stations, radio channels gambling institutions, commercials, estates and restaurants as well.

Hungarian film producer and media mogul Andy Vajna dies

According to the article estimating his exact amount of money he left behind, it is extremely difficult to calculate, because he had many business relations in the past. Debates were going on during his lifetime because nobody could tell what he really owned and what he did not.

When the Hungarian media mogul bought several mediums – Bors, Kisalföld, Délmagyarország – he barely had an individual plan with them because he immediately sold these media sites to Mediaworks that became this way part of the Hungarian governmental propaganda machine. Some say that he sold these medium to Lőrinc Mészáros himself.

Concerning the heritage of Andy Vajna, an exciting and conflict-filled situation arises. It is evident without Vajna’s will that his companies will not continue to operate in the future unless his wife Tímea Vajna will observe them.

Allegedly Andy Vajna was active till the day of his death. Days before his sudden tragedy he even agreed on the plans of his brand-new estate. He also had several negotiations going on every day but not at his companies’ offices but his home.

Heartbreaking details about the death of Andy Vajna

He made decisions, took good care about his small investments and businesses, and, of course, smoked a lot of cigars. He was an important member of several gambling associations and expensive restaurants.

In many of his companies, only Vajna could make decisions and sign paperwork. He was also a frequent guest at the Budapest Exchange, where he intended to fill his companies with new materials.

It is not yet clear who will decide on Vajna’s heritage, which could mean a great struggle and conflict among many people.

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