The Anonymous sent an e-mail to our postbox. Please read the message here:

Dear fellows,
we are Anonymous declared war on FIDESZ, the current ruling party
in Hungary.
Attacks will be running 24/7 until we see radical changes in that country.

Merry Christmas!

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!

  1. @Anonymus

    As a Hungarian citizen, i and the rest of us are truly offended by you if this message is authentic. The fact that you would truly believe what the western media portrays the our leadership that has been elected by majority and has been very successful in keeping its short and long term promises to its people. That fact that your group would pick on a country that has gone through facisms, nazisms, communisms, and now Merkel/Junkterisms really offends, pisses me off, and wants me to pick up my shovel and nail you in the head with it… However, we are an open race, open to dialog and discussion and don’t attack unless provoked. I really believe this message is NOT real, but put out by some pot smoking Liberal that has a thing for the ISIS bunch.. By the way, how’s that war going, still haven’t heard much from the media since you declared war them (ISIS). Yawn, i’m going back to sleep, Merry Christmas back to you Liberals/Democrats/Commies!

  2. Listen here Anonimouse,
    My Alien buddies are here protecting Earth. Know what, i’m sending them after your asses!

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  4. Well, well!!! I love your american accent. Could have chosen another accent, would have gone down better
    Who the hell do you think you are??? Self appointed “do-gooder” ?- more likely un-employed bored hacker criminal!!!
    You have no right nor any authorization to dictate to the Hungarians as to what to do and how to govern their own country!!! Or who can govern the country!
    Who are you working for???
    You were not so nasty and threatening/menacing when you sent your stupid messages to Turkey. And, you promised to destroy Isis, did not get very far or did not want to??

    You know what? Many other nations have tried to take over, dictate or destroy Hungary but the Hungarians always did and will came up top!!!!

    So crawl back what ever hole you came from and leave this struggling poor country alone!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous: What gives your stupid organisation the right to declare war on FIDESZ? It is obvious you have been fed wrong information about the Hungarian Government and Orbán Viktor. I have a feeling where your organisation originated from, and where you got the idea of your masks. I tend to think you are a bunch of cowards not showing your faces to the public, just like the IS, and the Clue Clux Clan. Every country in the world has the right to a duly elected government, and that government to have the power to perform it’s rights to it’s country. What right have you to wage war and dictate. The Hungarian government has been doing a wonderful job over the past five and a half years, pulling the country to it’s feet and looking after the interests of it’s people. Why don’t you and organisations like you leave Hungary alone and let us live in peace. The Liberals and the Socialist of the world are to blame for these interferences, along with Soros in America, and Gyurcsány in Hungary, and Merkel in Merkelland, and Faymann in Austria. Hungary has put up with a lot over the past 1000 years, including the Turk invasion and the take over of the Communists. Now the country is on a rise, and the people are happy with it. Orbán Viktor is an angel sent from heaven by God to help his country and people, which is exactly what he is doing. Just leave him alone to continue with his job.
    So you are a legion, you say you do not forgive, and you don forget. How big and clever you are. You sound like the dictaters, not Obán Viktor. To forgive and forget is a part of Christian values, whereby it is loving towards ones family, ones friends and ones neighbours. You obviously have no Christian values.

  6. %%% (((( F A K E B U T N I C E T R Y ))))%%%

    Fact 1: In 3 days, only one Hungarian media outlet (this one) got this message other than Facebook? Nobody else in the outside world media including RT news was informed.
    Fact 2: The idle threats are really made against the people of Hungary, however, many of them live and exist outside the country’s borders globally.
    Fact 3: Fidesz is not a majority government as is was before the last election and the collective radical right wing group which support Fidesz got no warnings.

    This self proclaimed hacker if he is, has yet to show anything to us. The Anonymous collective is obviously not represented by him. He hasn’t gotten his message out to anyone else showing just how weak he really is. How much of the collective do you think are ‘Hungarian” and do you think for a minute that we would harm ourselves?
    I hope this clown learns to make digital videos a little better, my 3 year son can.

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year “SYNONYMOUS”!! LOL!

  7. Hajrà Anonymus! Let’s see if u could do sg about the issue! I wish u could…
    This country deserves a better govt, and its actual govt a really painful punishment.

  8. The ruling party “Fidesz” is enjoying and overwhelming support of most Hungarians for standing up against the Muslim invasion. In this video the coward is a progressive liberal on the West with it’s usual extremist propaganda lies.
    I’m afraid if they do something harmful against the Hungarian government it will be perceived as an attack on all Hungarians. It will outrage most of us and will motivate us to despise Western Europe even more.

  9. By reading this letter, I am convinced that you do not understand political situation in Hungary.
    Hiding behind Anonymous name, does not mean that you are democrats.
    You neglect political will of Hungarian people.
    It seems that you have third hand informations like many others.
    None of you do not read, talk and write hungarian language.

  10. @Nightmare or Nightbore,

    Don’t get too excited, as if you ever woke. Ever went to the meetings, or then to the polls. You would be up to speed on what’s going on this country and world. Go stick your head back into the sand. I’ll leave a lighter near by in case you fart, so that you too can see the light.

  11. Dirty cheater fake anonymous. Hope the real anonymous will do something against you!

  12. Anonymous could literally be anyone. In this case it’s probably ISIS. How does no one else see this? Who else could possibly have beef with Hungary?

  13. Thank you FIDESZ leaders, for your wisdom and courage. A Christian man customarily removes his head covering before declaring war. You sir, are a coward.

  14. I’m hoping you do!
    It will give the Magyar government the pretext to close off liberal brain-washing internet and re-enforce a national intranet to which you and your judeo-masonic brain-washing filth will have no access to.
    Finally the Magyar will be free of your satanic anglo-american influence and we can instill true white Christian Magyar values without your intrusion!
    Hurry-up and show us why we should close out telecommunications to your degenerated, broken-family, abortioning, pedophile, bastard interbreeding, useless effeminine, financially broke system.
    Keep wearing your rip-off Guy Fawkes masks and piss around behind your fag computers the way you do…you’re doing exactly what we want you to do!

  15. @Rozsomák
    Oh Boy! Thanks for explaining it all.
    Sure, I’m sure ISIS is planning it’s next attack with an Android Cell phone, while buried deep in a bunker as the Russians bomb the crap our of the Turkish/Syrian border. Nice theory, don’t know how we could have missed that one. As for the beef with Hungary, Al-nusra/ISIS/’what ever’, they gave up after the throwing rocks for 4 hours, when the cops used pepper spray and little tiny water canon twinks on them. The ‘girls’ wearing Hijabs, ran away!

  16. Please don’t make out you are dumb Rozsomák. Why would FIDESZ wage war on it’self? Evidently, Anonimous are world wide, cause a lot of distruction by closing down websites by hacking. My guess is that the Liberals and Socialists of Hungary and Europe, and America, have passed information on to this group of interfering boneheads, to stir up trouble and doubt against FIDESZ supporters. If you remember back to the elections of 2010, Gyurcsány made a statement, that he would kill Orbán Viktor and get the FIDESZ out of government using any means possible. Now think on, Gyurcsány and his bunch of reds and lefties, have not stopped doing what he said, even relaying bad information through Atlas to the EU about Hungary. Also, why is HírTV the only TV chanel to put this sent email on the air?? Remember, HírTv is run by an old friend of Orbán Viktor, a friendship that turned sour.

  17. Respect traditional Hungarian Christian values. Strong leaders who represent the Hungarian people. Masked man, go away!

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