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László Toroczkai, a former deputy leader of people’s patriotic Jobbik, said on Thursday that the current leadership is to blame for the disintegration of the party which he sees as an inevitable development.

An unethical conduct of affairs has become overwhelming in all opposition parties. They have become entangled in an internal fight for power instead of focusing on constructive plans, Toroczkai told public broadcaster M1.

Toroczkai, seen by many as a hardliner, was defeated in a leadership election Jobbik held on May 12.

Instead of offering an alternative as an opposition party, Jobbik has been occupied with nothing else but seeking revenge over the past weeks, he told the programme.

The most important for the party should however be to maintain its original ideological and moral foundations, Toroczkai said, adding that this notion was also supported by a lawmaker just expelled from Jobbik’s parliamentary group.

The party on Tuesday decided to expel Dóra Dúró over her joining a platform created last week by Toroczkai.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Dúró said that even if she decided in the end to continue her career “in the public sphere” she could not imagine to do that as member of Jobbik.

“There is a political revenge taking place in Jobbik,” she said, adding that this road would ultimately lead to a party split.

Asked about the recent request by Jobbik’s board that she should return her mandate, Dúró said she would not want to make a hasty decision, one before June 23, when the platform created by László Toroczkai is set to hold its founding rally.

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Source: MTI

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