According to, the government expect a HUF 12 million extra revenue from the exchange of the license plates. The government wants to make exchange the license plates to increase the budget revenue – says. The Ministry of National Economy made this promise to the European Commission in its December report. According to the plans, the tax receipts this year will be approximately HUF 12 billion. reports that the government is preparing to introduce a completely new registration and identification system, which may require the replacement of the license plates.

The Ministry of National Economy which is responsible for the budget and the Ministry of National Development, also involved in transport cases, are pointing each other, regarding to the liability.

The money, hoped from the exchange of the license plates was also in the report of the NGM, which was sent by the government to the European Commission. There was no explanation to the license table exchange, says.

Changing the license tables can be significant tax implications that will be covered by the car owners. This could result the HUF 12 mrd extra revenue. According to the government the exchange is necessary because the license tables, which contain the territorial affiliation of the vehicle, would help prevent crime.

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