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Taking a cab is the cheapest in Cairo, at least among the 80 cities examined by Carspring. The “award” for the most expensive taxi rides goes to Zurich in Switzerland, according to

The creators of the survey gathered the data from the official websites of the cities. Tariffs depend on the time of the day, the duration of the travel, the number of passengers in certain cities: they counted an average in these cases. Sometimes tariffs were of a wide variety due to the varying taxi services and the types of the cabs.

The basis of the comparison was the price for three kilometers within the city. They calculated with 60 seconds of waiting, to make it simple.

Cairo turned out to be the cheapest out of the 80 examined cities: such a journey costs only 49 euro cents in the capital of Egypt. The price per kilometer rate is only nine cents there.

The cheapest cities
(price of three kilometers in a taxi)

  1. Cairo, Egypt – 0.49
    2. Mumbai, India – 1.24
    3. Jakarta, Indonesia – 1.31
    4. Bucharest, Romania – 1.31
    5. Mexico City, Mexico – 1.36
    6. Tunis, Tunesia – 1.44
    7. Bangkok, Thailand – 1.46
    8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1.68
    9. Sofia, Bulgaria – 1.72
    10. Hanoi, Vietnam – 1.86

The other record is held by Zurich. Three kilometers of travelling by taxi costs 22.43 euros in the Swiss city. It is 45 times the price of travelling in Cairo. This is also twice as high as the average in Western Europe. The cost per kilometer is 4.61 euros there.

The most expensive cities
(price of three kilometers in a taxi)

  1. Zurich, Switzerland – 22.43
    2. Geneva, Switzerland – 15.57
    3. Tokyo, Japan – 14.17
    4. Coppenhagen, Denmark – 12.23
    5. Helsinki, Finland – 11.38
    6. London, United Kingdom – 10.97
    7. Antwerpen, Belgium – 10.33
    8. Munich, Germany – 10.07
    9. Hamburg, Germany – 10.02
    10. Stuttgart, Germany – 10.00

Budapest ranks 27th on the list of the cheapest cities. The tariffs are given from 1st September 2013, so the cost per kilometer is 0.92 euro, the basic price is 1.47, and the cost per minute is 0.23. The cost of a 3-kilometer long travel in Budapest is cheaper than in Prague, but more expensive than in Warsaw.

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