According to, the American chef found the buildings in Budapest so cool that he would’ve move in any of them. He also liked the spicy food. He encourages everyone to go to Budapest.

Anthony Bourdain filmed an episode of Parts Unknown in Budapest, which was aired on CNN on Sunday. The gastronomic guru ate a gigantic one-kilo schnitzel on Pleh Tavern during his visit, tasting the food of Margit Bango, a famous Hungarian singer (who made cabbage filled with goose, Goulash, chicken paprikash and zander in bacon), he ate pig and spoke with Peter Zilahy in New York Café, he became acquainted with the tricks of making blood sausage in the Belvarosi Disznotoros, and he bathed with Vilmos Zsigmond Oscar-winning cinematogpraher in Gellert Bath.

The star chef was also influenced by the buildings of Budapest, he enjoyed walking on the streets. On the “One minute in Budapest” video, he said he would move in any house, but it has never happened with him before.

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