According to, thousands of people protested against refugees and migrants in Eastern Europe, most of them in Warsaw, Poland.

In the Polish capital, around 10 thousand people participated in a rally chanting “Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!”

Poland will take 2 thousand migrants, but the EU wants Poland to accept 12 thousand people.

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The protestors stood up for Hungary and waved Hungarian flags.. In the banner, it is written that Hungarians are brave.

However, some people on social media accused the protestors of hypocrisy, because more than two million Poles live and work in Western Europe, wrote.

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  1. As you said, they live and work, not wait for benefits and prepare for jihad.

  2. “However, some people on social media accused the protestors of hypocrisy, because more than two million Poles live and work in Western Europe, wrote.”

    1. Poland is member of the EU.
    2. They go there to work – legally.
    3. They belong to the same cultural community.
    4. There are no potential ISIS terrorists among them.
    5. Etc.

    How the hell could the liberal media invent such a non-sense comparisons?!
    Zero logic.

  3. I don’t think Poland should accept a single migrant. The word migrant is exactly as it says, Migrant. Not Emmigrant, not Immigrant, MIGRANT, a cheater form of stealing from a hard working civilization. Back home we call them Cygany or Gypsy in english. An invasion of Gypsies is not in the interest of Europe, especially when we have serious screwed up bunch of radical islamist peckerheads mixed in. Europe has enough Crusaders waiting, just hope these peckerheads know what coming, it’s not going to be their so called ‘ALLAH’, it’s going to be GOD that sets them straight for all their evil crimes…..GOD BLESS EUROPE !!

  4. The Polish workers in the west are doing exactly that, working! Not setting up blocks where native inhabitants fear to enter or walk by, where police must be summoned if an ambulance or fire truck enters that area or pushing for their own laws. Look what the muslim has done to Sweden and England.

  5. Brave Hungarian people!!! Keep going. [email protected] the western europe integration bullshit. We support you and will fight together with you against Islamist like Sobieski 300 years ago saved Europe with others countries from Islamisation

  6. Don’t forget that in 2014 Poland has accepted and issued over 350 000 work permits for immigrants. And some politicials dare to say that Poland is anti-immigrant? What the f*ck is in their heads?

  7. We Poles work in western Europe because we have to. Not because we want that. We want best for our country and we all want to come back. And we will. Believe me. We are in western Europe as guests only. We respect western countries culture, religion and rules. We work hard and do our best to assimilate with other nations. We don’t look for troubles. We have enough troubles and that is why many of us have chosen to go abroad. That’s it. Hungarians are in similar position as we are. We support each others for many many years. Those interested in “Polish Hungarian friendship” can find many articles about that. It has long historical background. However, All the best to everybody! God bless.

  8. Poland, don’t let any Muslims into your country because they cannot be trusted. When the World Trade Center came down in New York, the Muslims who were suppose to be so called good Muslims in nearby Jersey City and Paterson were cheering the deaths of 3,000 Americans who lost their lives in a horrific way. And to think that the government of the U.S. opened our country to these ungrateful people, to have them cheer when so many Americans died violently, makes my blood boil. Muslims pretend to be these nice people but do your homework on the history of these people and their religion. Keep Poland and Eastern Europe free from these invaders. You have common sense, maybe Western Europe will learn from you if its not too late.

  9. The V4 is the intelligent group in current EU bullshit that is allowing Europe to be ransacked by hordes of Mustards, (low educated war-mongering idiots). There are Christians(of course), (jews of course) and even muslims and other denominations in Europe. This is OK as none seek to suck off the system illegally or invade a culture. These rogue misfits that have been raised by a bunch of turd-seekers that had no backbone and got screwed and were raised under a demonic god name LALAH, are the problem. They listened to a bunch of towel wrapped preachers of the mussy cult promising them everything if they perform stupid acts and killed in the name of LALAH. This is the wet dream of some sheep prodding bunch, because all they had in the desert were nervous sheep and nervous young boys.

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