The Hungarian election in 2018 has ended. Some Hungarians are celebrating while others are mourning. However, revealed some fascinating statistics that can relate to the election.

An exciting yet stressful period has ended on Sunday, the 8th of April in Hungary. The election of 2018 kept the Hungarians busy thinking about politics and the future of the Hungarian nation. The official result is not announced yet but based on the data published so far it is easy to guess who won the elections this year. As always, some people are happy with the results while others feel devastated that it was not their favourite candidate or party that won.

hungary election votes 2018
Photo: MTI / Biró István

It seems that FIDESZ-KDNP won a two-thirds majority and some people are very disappointed about this fact. The first official results started to get published around 11 PM on the 8th of April, and Google Trends discovered an interesting phenomenon. Parallel to the data being published, the number of Hungarians searching for the word “emigration” on the internet has been increasing.


migration emigration election 2018 statistics google search
Photo: Facebook / Corruption Research Center Budapest

In this diagram, you can see this process. The vertical numbers show the number of matches for “emigration”. The horizontal numbers represent time. The diagram was shared by the Corruption Research Center Budapest on its Facebook site. Even though the post has vanished, the picture of the diagram got preserved. According to these statistics, it is clearly visible that from about 11 PM, the number of those who searched for the word “emigration” has heavily increased and it reached its maximum around midnight. However, it stayed high during the early morning as well compared to the data before 10 PM.

Below, you can see another chart that says a lot. According to Google Trends, there was a huge increase in search results for ’emigration’ after the election:

emigration search result
Photo: Google Trends


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