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Karcag, 2018. március 10. Gulyás Gergely, a Fidesz parlamenti frakcióvezetõje beszédet mond a Fidesz-KDNP karcagi lakossági fórumán a Déryné Kulturális Központban 2018. március 10-én. MTI Fotó: Czeglédi Zsolt

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance would refuse to enter into a governing coalition with any of the current opposition parties after the April 8 general election, Fidesz group leader Gergely Gulyás said in an interview with daily Magyar Idők published on Friday.

“It is worth making clear that not only do none of the other parties want to enter a coalition with us but Fidesz-KDNP would also not want to govern with any of the opposition parties. If voters decide that we should not continue in government then either a Vona-Gyurcsány-Szél-Karácsony government would be formed — which is as unlikely as it would be tragic for the country — or uncertainty, chaos and instability would follow,” Gulyas told the paper.

None of the opposition party leaders or prime ministerial candidates would be fit to govern Hungary, he said.

“It is not that they would govern the country with a different ideology and policies but none of them has the professional, political and intellectual background that would make one assume that they are able to govern the country”, Gulyás said.

“It has been our experience for several years that

[the opposition’s] political and professional background comes from organisations that make their living from US billionaire George Soros,” he said.

“Currently they have a decisive influence on opposition politics. An interesting question is why the opposition is unable to set up and develop its own professional background and why they need to rely on Soros almost always,” Gulyás said.

Commenting on migration, the Fidesz politician said it would be irreversible, and this is why migration was the key issue. Once somebody accepts the migration quota, the guarantee of effective border protection would be ripped up once and for all and the gates to migrants would open up, he added.

Even if the left-liberal side and radical nationalist Jobbik, which has “turned completely opportunistic, talking about accepting migrant quotas in the international press”, think of rejecting the quotas, the slightest pressure from the European Union will make them give up their position,” he said.

Commenting on the difference between the ruling parties’ approach and the opposition’s approach to the idea of the nation, he said the Hungarian government represented a traditional Christian Democratic style of politics which even some of the right-wing conservative European parties had given up. “We think in terms of Europe of the nations. There is no alternative to institutionalised cooperation in Europe and it is therefore good that we joined the EU. At the same time, the strength of the continent lies in diversity,” he said.

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Source: MTI

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