Antonio Banderas Picasso

You might remember that about half a year ago, we shared an article about Hungarian artist Zsófi Szász, who dazzled the stars of Game of Thrones with her special drawings. Well, she recently made a new fan: Antonio Banderas.

Zsófi is a talented graphic artist, who sells T-shirts, bags and prints decorated with her unique artwork.

According to, she became the centre of attention last year, when she posted photos about the stars of Game of Thrones holding T-shirts that were decorated with her drawings.

This time, she gifted Antonio Banderas a painting about Picasso that was inspired by the character played by the actor.

Antonio Banderas Picasso

The painting was a “wrap present” which she handed over at the end of the shooting of National Geographic’s new Genius: Picasso series.

For that matter, if you paid enough attention, you might have spotted Antonio Banderas on the streets of Budapest last December, as he was shooting in Hungary at the time. He even posted some photos and videos 🙂

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