reports that the famous actor posted a photo on his Facebook timeline saying ‘Greetings from Hungary!’. The photograph shows Antonio Banderas posing in the Buda Castle with his girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel. He posted the photo around noon and it already received many likes and shares, and many people welcomed the actor in Hungary.

We don’t know yet if he came for the shooting of one of his films or just came to relax, but he seems to be enjoying his stay.

It’s not the first time that the 55-year-old Banderas visited Hungary. He first came in 1996 at the request of Andy Vajna to shoot Evita. Then he shot a pasta and cookie commercial here and also made an appearance on the side of Tom Hanks while he was shooting in our capital city. The Spanish actor is good friends with Andy Vajna, so much that he lent his luxury mansion in California to Andy Vajna for his wedding with Tímea Palácsik.


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