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The Magyar Nyelvőr Alapítvány (Guard for the Hungarian Language Association – loose translation) jointly with the African-Hungarian Union donated valuable books and school equipment to a Transylvanian school, Világszá writes.

Pupils of Vaskertes Elementary School in Gyergyószentmiklós (Georgheni) thanked for the more than 300 books, and school equipment with a beautiful song. As Ildikó Bernárd, the director of the school told Világszá, the love and respect for the Hungarian language is a priority for every children. Books are given to bright students and to other children who are interested in them, and school equipment are given to the poor. Dr. István Keszi, founder representative of the association highlighted that there is professional work going on in Vaskertes Elementary School, and the teachers there work with commitment to preserve the Hungarian language, Világszá notes.

The association not only enhances the access to books of Hungarian kids living beyond the borders, but, with its more and more prestigious awards, it also honors those in Hungary, and those living abroad, who did a lot to preserve and spread the Hungarian language and culture, on a yearly basis. The representative of the African-Hungarian Union told Világszá that their organization chose to support the initiative to help not only those living in Africa but those living in Hungary, and beyond its borders, as well. Accordingly with the spirituality of the association, they support every effort taken for making the Hungarian language more popular, and the students who learn Hungarian language abroad, as well, Dr. István Keszi told Világszá

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Source: Világszá

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