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Spokesman for Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova told on Friday that the ministry’s mail server suffered a cyber attack on 29th June, as states. This incident had “critical consequences”.

By infiltrating the servers, hackers could access not only the messages on foreign affairs, but also other sources.

She stated that the ministry received 138 fake emails from an IP address from Hungary. They believed these messages to be formal letters from the Russian embassy in Tehran, but they knew these contents from earlier attacks. Russian experts initiated the shutdown of the server to prevent further damages.

There is no information about any such attacks from before. Though American hackers bragged about infiltrating the Russian system, Zakharova replied that only an inactive interface was breached. She also mentioned that 88 percent of the visitors of the site were hackers with American IP.

Zakharova also mentioned that a bulk of American spies live and operate in Moscow disguised as diplomats. She proposed that some people will be exiled from Russia. It might be a reaction to the exclusion of three dozen Russian diplomats from the USA during Barack Obama’s presidency with the accuse of being spies. The spokesman claims that the USA does not intend to give visa to the Russian employees who are meant to replace the expelled ones.

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