Budapest (MTI) – A total of 426 tons of wheat, twice as much as last year, has been donated under Hungary’s Bread of the Nation charity programme, the head of the National Chamber of Agriculture said on Thursday.

Balazs Gyorffy told a press conference that “many will contribute to this cause; the initiative has  mobilised farmers’ energies in a way that’s worth making use of”.

The grain, collected from all of Hungary’s counties and from Hungarian communities in neighbouring countries, was ground in 19 mills, and then baked into bread for celebrations of Saint Stephen’s Day in Budapest and in other cities. Several thousand loaves were also made to be sold and the income will be used to finance meals for needy children. Most of the flour, similarly to earlier years, will be donated to charity organisations.

The Bread of the Nation Programme was launched in 2011, at the initiative of civil groups in southern Hungary.


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