writes that an Australian man performed a wild trick and backflipped into River Danube from Elizabeth Bridge last week.

Kieran Wyse went on a European tour this summer and visited countries like Slovenia, Greece and Hungary. Wyse has a good habit of crowning his visits with backflips. He said goodbye to Budapest with a backflip into River Danube from the Elizabeth Bridge.


“Eating shit” is the technical term for when you misjudge the height of your jump and over rotate the backflip, smacking you face on unbroken water #ouch #fail

Kieran Wyse (@kieranwyse) által közzétett videó,

However, he wasn’t the first tourist to jump into the Danube: a month ago two British tourists chose Chain Bridge as the location of a daredevil performance and got into the centre of attention by jumping off our iconic bridge.

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