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The Facebook group “100 thousand against the internet tax” won the European Civic Forum’s award in the “Citizens’ campaign of the year” category in 2015, which is the most prestigious award among non-governmental organizations, nol.hu writes.

It was emphasized that the government had no choice but to cancel its plan to introduce the internet tax as a result of the massive protest. This was the first (and up until now, the last) occasion that the Orbán regime backed out of a plan entirely, because of civil protests. According to the Forum, this movement has organized the biggest opposition demonstration in Hungary in the past 25 years.

The European Civic Forum has been rewarding awards for 10 years now, in four categories: Media Initiative of the Year, Personality of the Year, NGO of the Year, and Citizens’ Campaign of the Year.

The ceremony will take place in the Council of Europe at Strasbourg next Thursday. Balázs Gulyás, leader of “100 thousand against the internet tax” told 444.hu that this award can make it clear for the European public that Hungary is not equal to Viktor Orbán and his policy.

based on an article of nol.hu
translated by Adrienn Sain

Source: http://nol.hu/

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