If you missed Primanima World Festival of First Animations which has just finished screening on the 1st of November, you can watch the award-winning works online, on film.indavideo.hu.

Primanima Festival accepts début films, graduation films and workshop films from contestants all over the world, and a professional jury selects the winners. The submitted animations are presented in a public screening. This year, the screening had been held at Jókai Mór Cultural Centre, and the animations and films shown there are now accessible from the comfort of your room, on indafilm.

The selection of the website contains, among others, the works of four Hungarian contestants, all constructed with a different technique. ’Bassement’, a film by Milán Kopasz uses stop-motion technique and works with the movement of shapes. The creator won the George Pál Prize for the most promising Hungarian talent in 2012. In ’Polyhedron Blues’, Kopasz uses the object animation technique to show the transformations of a paper cube. The thrid film of the director that you can watch online is ’Zséman’, a graduation film about a chatty hairdresser. ’I am sorry’, directed by Árpád Hermán was awarded with the Munkássy Gyula prize for the most popular film in 2012. This absurd comedy deals with the hard nature of apologies.

If you wish for some quality entertainment, but only have few minutes, watch these creative animations and follow the Hungarian animation scene with attention.

based on article of indafilm.blog.hu
translated by Laura Kocsis

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/eushorts

Source: http://indafilm.blog.hu/

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