According to the OECD, teachers in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic (as well as Poland) are among the least well-paid on the European continent. Moreover, statistics also revealed that these people also have the less income in all developed economies in the world. reported that Hungarian teachers are the third lowest-paid in Europe, receiving an annual salary of 20,900 EUR for teachers of the upper secondary levels with 15 years experience, and 13,000 EUR for primary teachers at the beginning of their career.

The Czech Republic (4th lowest, with annual gross pay of 21,900 EUR for experienced upper-secondary teachers) and Poland (6th lowest, 23,600 EUR per year) are also at the bottom end of the ranking.

Daily News Hungary reported about several severe problems regarding the educational system of Hungary and in particular the incredible shortage of teachers. Many schools are looking for IT, English, German, Mathematics, and History teachers, while others lack professors of Physics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Science, Drawing, clarinet, flute, and physical education.

The most problematic point of this shortage is that in many institutions the lack of teachers is only found out one week before the school starts. For more detailed information about this phenomenon, CLICK HERE.

Many Hungarian political parties raised their voice against this problem. The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has said that an “increasingly pressing shortage of teachers” poses a fundamental threat to the whole of Hungary’s education system.

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Salary is not just a threating point for teachers in Hungary but many middle-classed citizens all across the country. The middle class is shrinking all over the world because of the cheap Chinese workforce, robots, and computers. 80 pc of the people belonging to the Hungarian middle class do not have enough salary to make it until the end of the month.



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