Azerbaijan Diaspora Comittee in Hungary

A delegation of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora led by the Mr. Fuad Muradov Chairman of the State Committee on Work with Diaspora visited Hungary on October 24-26. In the framework of the visit the delegation had meetings with Mr. Gergely Farkas the head of the Hungary-Azerbaijan interparliamentary friendship group, Ambassador János Hóvári, the Head of the Budapest Office of the Turkic Council, as well as with the Azerbaijani diaspora and students. The meeting with Hungarian turkologists and the representatives of Turkish Diaspora also took place in the framework of the visit.

During the talks with Hungarian officials, the sides exchanged views on the issues of diaspora and migration. Gergely Farkas spoke about the history and effective development of friendly relations between the two countries, the diaspora policy on Hungarian communities living abroad.

Azerbaijan Diaspora Comittee in Hungary

Hóvári shared his views on Hungarian communities around the world, migration problems, the integration of diasporas into local communities in different countries, and the joint activities of the Turkic-speaking diasporas.

The Chairman of the Committee Fuad Muradov expressed his views on diaspora policy of Azerbaijan, structure, activities and large-scale projects of the committee, work done by the Azerbaijani communities abroad, integration into the local community, as well as the protection of national identities, the educational life of Azerbaijani students in Hungary. He noted that the formation of inter-state friendly relations between diaspora organizations has already become a necessity.

Fuad Muradov gave detailed information about the Summit of the Cooperation Council of Turkic -Speaking States in Baku, meetings of Turkic-speaking diasporas in different countries and said that the State Committee, which has defined the establishment of the World Azerbaijanis Network as a strategic target, is now taking steps to establish all-Turkish diaspora network.

At the meeting Mr.Vilayat Guliyev Ambassador of the Azerbaijan Republic to Hungary said that such meeting is a positive step at the time when our countries are experiencing an important period of development. He gave information about Azerbaijani youth living in Hungary and noted that they pay special attention to their study in Hungary.

During the meeting with the Azerbaijani diaspora and students the Chairman of the Committee spoke about the diaspora policy of Azerbaijan and organizing opportunities of Azerbaijanis in the world.

Fuad Muradov emphasized the need for such open discussions with Azerbaijanis and said that every Azerbaijani, regardless of where he lives, should work towards preserving the independence of the Azerbaijani state, promoting Azerbaijan in the world.

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