Budapest, February 27 (MTI) – Hungary’s secondary, experimental, border fence has stopped illegal migrants along its entire length of 10 kilometres, György Bakondi, the prime minister’s chief security advisor, said in an interview published in Monday’s Magyar Hírlap daily.

The “intelligent” line runs parallel with the primary fence, and is complete with a sensor system as well as thermal and traditional cameras. Between the two lines there is a trench with a road for border police, Bakondi said.

Bakondi also said that the government would add 38 billion forints (EUR 123m) to the interior ministry’s budget for further reinforcement of the Hungary-Serbia border.

Migration pressure on Hungary’s southern borders is not likely to ease, Bakondi said, and suggested that some 80,000 migrants were waiting in the Balkans to travel on to Europe.

Source: MTI

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