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Crimes committed by migrants in an immigration camp in Bihac, in northern Bosnia, have made the “situation there untenable”, György Bakondi, the prime minister’s domestic security adviser, told public television on Wednesday.

Local authorities are investigating in 60 cases of “more serious” crimes in the village on the Bosnian-Croatian border, Bakondi said.

Several thousand illegal migrants there want to obtain asylum in countries that are wealthier than Bosnia, Bakondi said, adding they were headed for Italy or Austria via Croatia and Slovenia.

He said the UN Refugee Convention stipulates that the first safe country should provide asylum.

Some 70,000 registered migrants are stranded near the Bosnian-Croatian border and serious conflicts are emerging there, Bakondi added.

Source: MTI

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  1. Put them on a train to Belgium and France. They want them so badly, they should have them.

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