Balaton Sound 2019 had a record number of visitors, as 172,000 people visited the festival beach this July. Saturday (6 July) was completely sold out.

The festival beach opened four new VIP areas: a vintage Circus themed, a tropical jungle themed, one inside the new Dreher Arena, and a VIP beach, recalling the French rivieras.

Balaton Sound 2019
Photo: Rockstar Photographers


Organisers wanted to raise awareness for sustainability and started a tree planting project. The festival donated 10 trees to the host town Zamárdi. Apart from Hungarian artists and celebrities, Armin Van Buuren also attended the tree planting. The festival will continue to donate 10 trees to Zamárdi each year. Environmental protection and sustainable living was part of the festival in many other ways too. For example, when you bought a drink, you did not get a straw unless you specifically asked for one, and it was not made of plastic but some kind of paper. There were also many separate trash containers for the recyclable plastic water bottles.

Safety First

Balaton Sound continued its Safety First program this year. 80 Hungarian and foreign volunteers attended the festival who provided medical or psychological help for those in need. They were there to make visitors feel safer. Visitors could check where the nearest Safety First point to them was in the Balaton Sound application. If they were unable to make it to such a point, they could use SoundWatch to call or text for help.

Balaton Sound 2020 will be held from 8 July – 12 July next year. Tickets are available for purchase.

Featured image: Rockstar Photographers

Source: Balaton Sound Official Press Release

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