Lately, Hungary has been given a lot of attention to: a South African site has written about the most attractive sights, the British Daily Express listed the must-visit sights in Budapest, and now it has been included in the Top Hidden Treasures list by Mastercard. Mastercard has collected the most beautiful less known sights in 44 European countries, where the Balaton-Uplands has ranked 15th, reports

The professionals and travel bloggers, while compiling the list, took into consideration the following factors: how beautiful the region is, what the prices are there, what available programmes there are, and how crowded the region usually is.

Mastercard believes that being involved in the list of the bests will be beneficial for Hungary’s tourism. Even though Lake Balaton, the Hungarian sea, is one of the most visited spots in Hungary, the astonishing uplands, situated in its northern part, are less known among tourists. It is not just the fact that Hungary has an advantageous geographic location, but also the fact that the prices are friendly – compared to the rest of the European countries. It also adds to the country’s benefits that more and more restaurants, pubs and museums accept cards as a method of payment, making travelling much easier.

The Uplands from above

These are the top 15 hidden treasures of Europe:

  1. Asturias and the Covadonga Monastery in Spain
  2. Mdina and Zebbug, Malta
  3. Salzkammergut region, Austria
  4. The Azores, Portugal
  5. Perast, Montenegro
  6. Lednice-Valtice, Czech Republic
  7. Pag Island, Croatia
  8. Saaremaa Island, Estonia
  9. Volos and Pelion region, Greece
  10. Velika Planina, Slovenia
  11. Kaszuby, Poland
  12. Naarden, The Netherlands
  13. Cape Kolka, Latvia
  14. Danube Delta, Romania
  15. Balaton-Uplands, Hungary

However, there are many excellent holiday destinations in the neighbouring countries. In case you are planning a longer trip, most of them are included on Mastercard’s list, like the Austrian Salzkammergut region, the Lednice-Valtice cultural region in the Czech Republic, or the Danube Delta in Romania. These destinations are affordable and you can get there by car (from Hungary). According to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, these places are very popular among Hungarians, so why not trust their good judgement?

photos: MR Photography / youtube

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