Banksy, a British street artist, is bringing his creations to Hungarian audiences. His Art of Banksy exhibition is opening on February 1 in Tesla Loft in Budapest, organised by Godot Contemporary Art Institute.

The travelling exhibition is coming to Hungary as part of a worldwide trip. The show offers a broad view of the mysterious street artist’s world, reported

“The Art of Banksy exhibition is bringing us the art seen on chipped plaster, empty brick walls or bleak overpasses from many parts of the world to the exhibition space and displays the unknown genius’s creations in a rethought way, so the art’s essential message is conveyed through the form of paintings, photos, prints compressed in an exciting exhibition experience,” Zoltán Sáfár, founder and owner of Godot Contemporary Art Institute says in a brochure about the exhibition.

Banksy is a mysterious, anonymous England-based artist. There has been a lot of speculation about his identity; top guesses are that he is: Robin Gunningham, Robert Del Naja or Jamie Hewlett. Remaining anonymous is essential as it is illegal to do graffiti.

His street art comments on politics and society, satirising them by the use of dark humour. His pieces have popped up in several cities around the world.

banksy girl and heart balloon there is always hope
“Girl and Heart Balloon” by Banksy
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Banksy is great at scandals, and will not spare even the sanctuaries of the art world from his partisan actions. He has snuck in fake pieces of art into museums, and in 2018 a painting of his that was sold at a record price at an auction but then suddenly started to self-destruct right after the purchase was made. And, of course, he became even more interesting after this.

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