Katalin Koller, Miss Hungary 2007 found a lump in her right breast 3 year ago. Incurable metastatic cancer was diagnosed. Katalin, however, desperately fought the disease, re-evaluated her life and believed in recovery, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu wrote on the basis of a Nők Lapja-interview.

When Kati found a lump in her breast she immediately rushed to a mammography examination. She was told that there is a small chance of a tumor at such a young age and was dismissed. One and a half years later she found a lump in her left breast as well, but she was uncertain. She did not go to the doctor right away because she was organizing her wedding at the time, but she could not go to her own honeymoon.

Then she was examined and the histology showed she had a malignant tumor. She was not scared, because Katalin knew that cancer is curable. But the full-body CT scanning showed that she was in the fourth stage with five metastases. The doctor said that there is no way to recover.

After that, the former Beauty Queen visited the oncologist who said that they can try to expand her life with chemotherapy. The doctor added that she has up to a few years left, szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu told.

Her husband accompanied her during the chemotherapies. When her hair started to fall out he shaved her head.

They also tried energy treatments, kinesiology, visualization techniques and dietary changes.

Katalin wanted to find out the reasons of the developing of her disease. She believed that she could reverse the process. She sought a stress-free life and wanted to improve her relationships. Mainly, however, she wanted to live.

After the first quarterly cycle she received a negative medical record that showed the disappearance of her tumors.  The next cycle finished with negative results, too. Eventually, they stopped the therapy as well.

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According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, Kati thinks that, since she sees life differently, things are more easily met. A lot of her dreams came true in the past one year. She saw the northern lights, traveled by dog sledge and jumped out of a plane.

The doctors said that she could not have children, but Katalin is sure that she will, and she will raise them in a completely different philosophy hereafter.

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