Femina.hu collected the best holiday resorts in Hungary.


One of the most beautifully situated towns in Hungary is Tihany, which also has a high position among the country’s most romantic destinations. In addition to the Lake Balaton, historical monuments, the world-famous lavender and the secrets of the abbey attract tourists too.



Lake Heviz, which is the largest curative, hot-water lake, is a popular destination throughout the year, however, is not only among the older. The charming small town atmosphere, the proximity of Lake Balaton and wellness services attract young people too.



Lillafured, which is located 15km from the center of Miskolc, is an ideal destination for family programs and romantic relaxations alike, if you would choose the refreshing mountain for a holiday instead of Balaton. The beautiful palace and the pretty Lake Hamor alike make Lillafured to one of the most romantic places of the country, femina.hu says.



The one of the most popular holiday resorts of the Lake Tisza is a real tourist paradise in summer, thanks to the sandy shore and the shallow water, which quickly picks up the sun’s heat. Through the summer breezes, lovers of waters sports cannot get enough with Abadszalok.


Located near to the Lake Balaton, Csopak has already earned countless awards or the best and most popular vacation destinations in the lake, among other things, because of its development and order. It is an ideal destination, if you are waiting for rest providing quiet and perfect relaxation.


Siofok is the most popular resort and the biggest town of the Lake Balaton as well as a real paradise of the young and the music festivals in summer. The city center, where evening life takes place is Petofi Promenade, which is located on the Aranypart (Golden Coast).


If you want to relax with young children, the Kis-Balaton area can be an ideal place. In addition to that the place, which has a unique wildlife, is especially charming in summer and the Balaton is also near, so if you would like to have a bath, you can go by bike, too, femina.hu says.



Badacsony is one of the most atmospheric towns of the Lake Balaton. It is like you would drop into a totally different world. The opportunity to splash is also given here, but wineries, the remnant hill and the basalt organs give the specific nature of the place, femina.hu says.

Lake Velence

The Lake Venice as a recreation area, is living a real renaissance in recent years, thanks in particular to the developing infrastructure and the recent large-scale developments, which affected the beach in Gardony as well.



Keszthely is one of the most visited towns of the Balaton region, which is not only due to the beautiful beach and the charming pier, but it is also the cultural center of the area with such attractions like the Festetics Castle or the wonderful Helikon Park.


In addition to that the Balatongyorok beach is also a magical destination for those looking for relaxing; one of the most beautiful view of Europe can be seen from the cozy settlement. From the famous Szepkilato, not only the Lake Balaton, but Szigliget, the Szent Gyorgy Hill and the Badacsony can be seen in their full glory, too.

Lake Szelidi

Lake Szelidi is the real gem of Bacs-Kiskun County, which is near to Kalocsa and is the fifth largest lake of our country with its 5km-length and approximately eighty acres of water surface. It is an ideal place to visit all year round, but it is quite worth to visit in summer to cool yourself in the heat.


Orfu and the lakes in Orfu, which are surrounded by the Mecsek hill, are a real magical summer shelter. Fishing on Orfu music festival is also organized here, which makes the place more popular.



The town is the oldest resort of the Lake Balaton and is still one of the most beautiful settlements of the “Hungarian Sea”. In addition to the great beaches, beautiful villas and the Tagore Promenade, lively nightlife also makes it a perfect holiday resort.


The picturesque village near to the Lake Balaton, between the volcanic hills of the Tapolca basin, is famous not only of archaic atmosphere and legendary oak trees, but its beautiful location, luscious wines also ensure to get rid of Everyday Life.

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